Don’t want to bore you, but the best bit of news for me is the continuing success of Wallace & Co in Putney, it’s really nice and busy, the bar has made a huge difference. Let’s hope now we get some sunny weather, we get lots of drinkers having nibbles.

I was in Glasgow Sunday and Monday in my role as food ambassador for the Ideal Home Show, love Glasgow, really like the Glaswegians, very funny people and very warm. I am up there 2 or 3 times a year and always have a great time.

I had dinner at The Green Man and French Horn in London’s Covent Garden with my mates John Torode and Lisa Faulkner. I don’t socialise with John enough, it was a really great evening. I forget that I’ve been mates with John for 20 years.

Had a fabulous dinner on Friday night with my mate Scott and his wife at the newly opened Bird of Smithfield in Clerkenwell. Alan Bird used to be head chef at The Ivy and his new venture is great, very cool, very modern, very good food.

This weekend centres around the Lions Tour to Australia, my mate is coming round for the first game against The Barbarians in Hong Kong. Can’t quite work out selection, not sure whether today I am watching the mid-week side.

I am doing a fair bit of cooking today as well; need to make sure a few recipes are faultless before I demonstrate them on stage and on television.

Quite excited as I write this as I am off to Portofino on Monday morning, 3 nights on the Liguria coast line with my lady girlfriend that could possibly be the most romantic few days ever. I will let you know all about, well, almost all about it.

Gregg Wallace