News from Gregg

Had a fabulous 3 nights in Portofino. I love Italy, I have tried so many different regions but I have never been to Liguria, so beautiful. I couldn’t believe how small Portofino was; you walk from one end to the other in under 10 minutes, but so pretty.

I have a real passion for Italy, history, clothes, culture and of course, food. One lunchtime, with a bottle of crisp white wine, I had a starter of 5 anchovy fillets in Ligurian olive oil with toasted bread and soft unsalted butter. How do they do it? How can food this simple be so outrageously delicious?

Anyway, I really want to thank the staff at the Splendido Mare, what amazing people. The first morning the manager said to me “Mr Wallace, what can we do for your today, what do you need?” I replied “I have a pretty girlfriend, the sun is shining and out there they have chilled white wine, I don’t need a thing”, he said “you are right Mr Wallace; you don’t need anything else at all”!

I have been practicing recipes for the upcoming BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham, I have perfected a rather splendid asparagus mousse, if I say so myself and a dessert of figs, yogurt, cinnamon and syrup, see you there!

I am very excited; I am off to Edinburgh early next week. I am there for a couple of nights but I am there specifically to eat the food of Tom Kitchin. I will let you know how I get on.

Hope to see you at the bar of Wallace & Co in Putney. Actually, what I should do is put up on the website the days I will be there, so that any of you can come and say hello if you so wish, especially if you want to buy me a glass of wine. I am happy to talk food, rugby, hair loss, weight loss, love and marriage!

Gregg Wallace