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Two subjects dominated my week, bar and charity.  We’ve got a brand new very sexy bar at Wallace & Co in Putney.  The place looks fantastic, if I say so myself.  Newly decorated outside, inside it is light blue, grey and white with a marble topped bar, very light, very fresh and airy.  I am delighted with it, people sit at the bar during the day drinking coffee and nibbling pastries and now in the evening, along with some very good dishes, are little small sharing plates you can have with a drink.  My favourites include chilli squid, salt cod fritters and sticky ribs.  I think, although I’m not sure, its bit of a blur, I consumed 4 plates of sticky ribs last night.

I managed to attend 3 charity nights, one after the other, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday which makes me smile when I think of all the aggravation I had on Twitter after asking someone to spell my name correctly.  The first night was for the Royal Marsden Hotel, a riotous affair across 2 floors of an Italian restaurant on the Wandsworth Bridge Road.  The second was a wonderful dinner for Demelza at another Italian restaurant in the City and Friday night was for the Hambo Foundation of which I am an Ambassador.  There was a celebration at the end of the walk with Hambo at The Sun Inn in Richmond, fine old rugby supporting pub.  Lovely thing to do, chat rugby all evening and try and make sure your girlfriend doesn’t die of boredom.

This weekend I am off to Glasgow for the Ideal Home Show, I love Glasgow, I really do, fantastic City, fantastically warm and funny people.