Latest News from Gregg

Firstly, sad to see the end of Secretts Direct, the fruit and veg supply company that I was part of.  Well, to be fair, I owned 45% of it and haven’t actually visited the place for over 6 years, still, sad to see it go.

On a brighter note, the Café in Putney and the Restaurant in Bermondsey continue to do well.  There is a new director in charge at Wallace & Co in Putney, her name is Annabel.  She is a local and she used to work with my mate, John Torode, at his epic Restaurant, Smiths.  We like to keep it in the family.  So Annabel has some great ideas, expect to see some changes soon.  Not just with the menu but there is going to be a bar going in.

Was invited to the 5th Anniversary of Jersey Boys, fantastic musical, thoroughly enjoyed myself, my girlfriend may have been a little too young to have heard the songs the first time round but she knew more than enough of them to tap her foot.  My favourite remains “my eyes adored you”.

I continue to have an absolutely hoot at the Ideal Home Show, love my Restaurant and really enjoy walking around talking to the guests.  That’s it now for another year but I did make lots of new friends.  Especially nice this year as we launched the Gregg Wallace Fire Pit and Grill.  Google it, have a look, tell me what you think

I did manage to get some time at home in Kent with the family.  Although I managed to completely write Sunday off with a long lunch at The Oxford and then a visit to The Nepture Pub on the beach in Whitstable, the place was rocking.  And by 7 in the evening, so was I!