Looking forward to Easter

Weight Watcher’s has been on my mind this week, the forced tasting of cakes and ice creams through my job in telly and my desire to eat out every night have conspired against me and I have put on 3 lbs.  I am now gazing intently at my diary looking to put in extra gym sessions and preparing for any more culinary pitfalls.  

The highlights of this period for me have been attending my restaurant at The Ideal Home Show.  It’s such good fun, all I do is wander round the tables chatting with people and posing for photographs.  I loved being on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man with John Torode.  Such good fun and thanks for all your feedback. 

There are some gaps appearing in my filming schedule so I will be able to stick in some of the meetings and appointments I have needed for a while.  A visit to the Tailors because my body shape keeps changing and at last, I am going to buy a television for my flat!  I have only been there 2 years.  Now I will be able to see myself on the Telly and as well as in the mirror.  I will be attending a special anniversary show of the Jersey Boys, fabulous musical, really looking forward to seeing it again, I’m a really big fan of Frankie Valley and The Four Seasons. 

Other than that, I am really looking forward to a bit of down time over Easter.  Big lunch planned at my mum’s with the family, much roast lamb, wine, beer and chocolate eggs.  What’s the betting my next blog starts with … Weight Watchers has been on my mind this week!

Gregg Wallace