From Italy to Millwall


As you can see from my photographs on twitter, I had a fabulous time in Italy.  Ten glorious days exploring Tuscany, Florence and San Gimignano.  For me, Italy has so much, food, wine, culture, fashion and history.  It’s also my favourite cuisine of all time.  So simple, so beautiful.


Wow, the viewing figures for this series are simply splendid.  I am just so happy about it, you don’t know and you can’t take for granted that people are going to enjoy it, but obviously you do, thank you so much.  The response to this year’s competition has been quite overwhelming.


I’ve had some quite exciting meetings and there are some highly enjoyable projects coming up.  I know it must seem like a tease, but I am sworn to secrecy all the time.  There is going to be food involved, you might even get to see my dog, Alfie.  What I can tell you is that John and I are going to be on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, I don’t know who’s more excited, me or my kids.


I don’t think it’s any secret is it that I’m a Millwall supporter?  Last game of the season was fantastic, real good fun, having a beer and a laugh with the Millwall lads.  What an achievement under the management of Holloway, last 8 games unbeaten, great effort, very very proud of the Millwall squad.