Chatty Man and the MasterChef finals


I did manage to fit in some excellent meals this week, The Delaunay, Le Gavroche and Scotts. Three eateries that are now well and truly part of the establishment. I think I may be getting on a little bit – I just don’t do trendy places anymore, I do old fashioned style and comfort.

The Delaunay has turned into a favourite, big and buzzy, open from breakfast and lots of good things to eat and it looks smart.

Scott’s in Mayfair is an absolute joy, the fish in there is just incredible. Fresh, quality fish is not cheap, it’s now a real luxury item but sitting at that beautiful bar with a huge tray of oysters and the company of my mate, Tony Gleeson, and it kind of gives you a feeling that everything is right with the World.

I have saved the best until last, supper at The Gavroche with my mate Mike Greene was exceptional.  A starter of asparagus, gull’s egg and truffle was an absolutely delight.  And they always spoil the life out of me with desserts. It is not the place to eat regularly if you are counting calories but as a treat for me, it is unsurpassed.


Changing the subject completely, I went to Ascot for the first time ever last year and had one of the best days out, ever. Ok, I was in a very nice box as a guest of my mate Mick McGee and it was so much fun.  This year I think I am going to be in the Royal Enclosure, proper top hat and tails and everything!  Although I understand there is a limit on how short my skirt can be.


Hopefully, by the time you read this, MasterChef will have entered its final week, if you have missed any of it, the winner is ………. only joking! The viewing figures have been incredible, so happy that you are all obviously loving this series.

Because the finals are coming up, John T and I were guests on Chatty Man. I have to say, it’s my second visit to that Show and I am becoming very fond of Alan Carr. I want to point out that that is no act; he is exactly the same off the set. He is a very funny, very warm, nice man.  Perhaps one day we can get him on Celebrity MasterChef and I can take the micky out of him.


As you may well know, I am a Millwall supporter and I have been making a couple of visits to Spurs. Looking and chatting about the food available there. I may get involved, who knows? Practice on Spurs and then when it’s perfect, bring it to Millwall!

Gregg Wallace