Happy New Year

This is my first blog and funny enough I’m writing it on the very last day of 2011. Right now my thoughts are about celebrating my first wedding anniversary with Heidi. Tomorrow we fly to Barbados for ten days, I’ll try to remember to stick up some pictures on here.

Early next year we’ve got a new restaurant going up, Gregg’s Table in Bermondsey. There’s so much to do and I’m leaving the country, all the responsibility is falling on the shoulders of my long suffering friend and business partner, Vernon. I’m so looking forward to the opening, we’ve been working on a very 1970s feel menu. I’ll keep you informed.

I need to give my best wishes to the new Mr & Mrs Wallace. Well done Biffo and Vicky, good luck on your special adventure.

A very Happy New Year everybody. Look forward to chatting again when I get back.

Gregg Wallace