Hello. I hope you’re all enjoying the current series of MasterChef, I certainly am. Most of my focus over the last couple of weeks has been the opening of Gregg’s table in Bermondsey. It’s been a decent opening, it’s the second place I’ve been involved in, so I know just how difficult the opening can be. I got a scathing review in the Evening Standard, which seemed pretty personal and a little rude, but everybody’s got to make a living. I’m there at least three evenings a week, so I look forward to having a glass with you at the bar.

My autobiography gathers pace and I did the photo shoot for the cover. I was lucky enough to work with a great photographer, Andrew, he lives near me in Whitstable and I met him when he provided the pictures for the Great British Food Revival books.

The Ideal Home Show at Earl’s Court opens soon, I’m heavily involved in that and very much looking forward to the opening. To be honest I just have so much fun down there, I just spend all my time chatting with people. We are lucky again this year to be visited by HRH Prince Charles, I chatted to him last year, but couldn’t convince him to sample one of my chocolate puddings. Maybe this time?

Apart from that I’m going to be on Radio 2 with Chris Evans, a man I’ve met a few times now and always enjoy doing stuff with him. He’s a bright bloke and very funny. I’ll also be appearing on Loose women, Monday afternoon.

That’s the work stuff out the way, on a personal note I continue to have excruciatingly painful work done on the removal of a tattoo from my right thigh. I believe it would be less painful to have the actual thigh removed. I’m also going to be out spending a bit of my hard earned on some jeans, shoes, trainers and possibly a new suit from Susannah Hall.

Gregg Wallace