Time to relax

I am often telling tales of serious hard work but I have to admit, life has been bit of a doddle lately. I have never had this much time off before.  I’ve got a few meetings chucked in and I’m finishing up my autobiography but I have been taking a break. I won’t be back to work properly until early to mid-September, if this makes you cross I’m sorry. It’s not normally how I live, I wish it was, I feel very fortunate to be able to have some down time.

I’m going to be down at Gregg’s Table in Bermondsey quite a bit over the next week or so, I’m also going to be at Wallace & Co for the first of our, hopefully many, steak nights. Please see the different websites for more info.

I have to tell you of the places I have visited lately. The Lifehouse in Essex is a fantastic chill out, great treatments, very funky, very very reasonable. Good restaurant too. Lucknam Park near Bath is sheer class. Chilled, elegant, pretty good. Between these 2 places, I have filled myself with good food, good wine and excellent company, keep it up everybody.

While away in the West Country I had an absolutely fabulous old fashioned gentleman’s lunch with a dear old friend, Charlie Hicks. He of Radio 4 veg talk fame. The Bath Priory is a lovely hotel with an outstanding restaurant. We met for drinks in the terrace at 1.30 pm and I returned to Lucknam Park in fine spirits at 8 pm where the charming MD tried in vain to have a decent conversation with me.

It’s mostly work this week, although it’s varied and I expect it to be highly pleasurable. After exerting myself throughout this 8 day period, I will be taking another long earned break in Florida!

Please don’t worry about me, I’m sure I’ll be fine, chat soon.


Gregg Wallace