The Ideal Home Show

There’s been a lot of Ideal Home Show in my working week.  It’s moved to Olympia which I found out is its original home nearly 140 years ago, how about that?  It seems even bigger than ever before and I have to say, my restaurant does look smart.  I am roaming from table to table having chats and an occasional sip of wine, see you there.

I managed dinner this week at Theo Randall’s wonderful Italian restaurant in the InterContinental, such a nice man, such amazing food.  Very much looking forward to going back.

I had a riotous time in Nottingham on Thursday night, met some really good people.  It was bit of a get together for businessmen, hosted by my mate John Hayes from Champions.  Had a great time on stage with Gary Newbon, script ripped up within 2 minutes and a duel ensued of best Tommy Cooper jokes.  It was great fun!  Well done to all the staff of Harts Restaurant and Hotel for looking after me so well.

Next week I will be attending the Roux Scholarship event at The Mandarin Oriental.  I always bump into old friends and it’s also a very prestigious event that showcases some amazing new young culinary talent.

There is going to be a new series of Eat Well for Less.  To celebrate this and to make some plans, the team are having dinner at Bruno Loubet’s place in Clerkenwell.  I think Bruno is one of the best chefs operating in London.  I love his food, I love his use of vegetables and it looks like it’s going to be a great night.

It’s also my Fiancés birthday, we are going to have a good night out.  Shakespeare in Love at the Theatre and then dinner at Sheekeys, a personal favourite of both mine and Anna’s.  That’s what we want, a bottle of wine and a fish.

I’ll be back at The Ideal Home Show eating more ice cream than I should, there are some very good producers at the show this year, I have nibbled my way around most of them and I am looking forward to seconds.

On Sunday I’ll be at The Chester Food Festival at Chester Racecourse.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

Gregg Wallace