It’s really tough sometimes, I film MasterChef, and it hasn’t been shown yet so I can’t tell you the stuff I am seeing, enough to say you are in for one hell of a treat when it comes out on Telly.

We celebrated my daughter’s 18th birthday with a very posh dinner at The Savoy.  I spent far too much money but hey, I’ve only got 2 kids.  It was a fine night and I am very proud of my little girl.  Not so little any more, Libby Wallace.

I was delighted to represent Rugby for Schools and Prostate Cancer at the ICAP Charity Event, such fun.  Dealers giving up their commission for one day a year to support charity.  I did a few deals myself over the phone, one of which went over £2 million.  Didn’t ask what the commission on it was, should have done though.  Everybody there is in fancy dress, one area had eight large hairy men dressed as ballerinas, quite disturbing!

I love oysters and I am embarrassed to say I opened my first oyster this weekend.  I ended up doing quite a few and I don’t mind admitting that I was rather good at it.  I live on the coast in Whitstable, there’s a great fish market down in the Harbour.  I ended up getting oysters, clams and a great big pot of cockles for breakfast.

On Tuesday, I visit The Delaunay, good old favourite of mine, possibly the best smoked salmon I ever tasted (this post is all getting a bit fishy!).  I’ve got three meetings there, a breakfast one, elevenses one and a lunch.

On the kitchen front, I am attempting an egg strand soup this week. That’s where you mix up egg with some other bits and put it through a mouli into hot soup.  You should end up with thin tentacles.  Fingers crossed everybody.

I am planning a long lunch with my mate, Millwall Tom at La Chapelle in the City, owned by The Galvin brothers.  Haven’t been there for a while since I moved away from that area and I am very much looking forward to it.  The Galvin boys are old mates and seriously good at what they do.

The end of the week sees me hosting a party at The Chocolate Festival in Islington.  Well, if I’ve managed to keep the weight off up ’til then, I’m going to blow it in one big choc sitting.

Gregg Wallace