The secret’s out…

It’s been a lovely week.  It started off on the bank holiday when I was at the Hampton Court Food Festival with my Gregg Wallace Firepit.  Gloriously sunny day on the Sunday, torrential downpour on the Monday.  One of the joys of being English, it was a very good fair though; I have to say, very posh indeed.

I suppose the big news was the announcement that I’m doing Strictly this year; it’s so difficult lying to everybody.  The newspapers start rumours, your mates then phone you up and you have to deny it.  I couldn’t bring myself to lie to my mum though, she knew all along.  I am very excited about being on it.  It’s such a big show but I didn’t realise what hard work it was.  It’s a serious, serious workout, let me tell you.  I like dancing but this isn’t like dancing, this is proper.

I am at White Hart Lane this weekend for the Liverpool match, I’m not a Spurs fan, you know that, my heart belongs at Millwall but I like the people at Spurs and I am helping with the catering at the executive level.  The club care about the quality of the food and I am enjoying doing my bit.

Next week I am having lunch at L’Anima, I do love the guys there, I am very fond of the bunch of Italians, especially when they cook as well as this.  I am meeting up with my mates from Media 10 who own and run The Ideal Home Show.  I am the food ambassador for the show; I’ve got some interesting ideas for the food hall that I’d like to share with them.  Let’s see how we get on. You will of course be the first to know.

Next week there is going to be lots of dance practice, I realise now that Strictly is going to take over my life and I am going to be dancing and prancing all week, nearly every day until I get kicked out of the competition.  So much so that it looks like my gym sessions are going to have to disappear.  No more weights and resistance work for a while.  It’s all cha-cha-cha and salsa.

One little bit of down time coming up is a birthday party bash, my oldest mate Miguel, it’s his 50th, it’s mine round the corner.  We’ve been friends since we were 16, that’s 34 years!  I had hair and a waistline then.  I will let what little hair I’ve got down that night and we’ll have a right out South East London knees up, Happy Birthday Mig!

Gregg Wallace