Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot

The highlight of last week is actually one of the highlights of the year, Royal Ascot.  What a stonkingly good day out it is.  I am very lucky in that I have a mate, Mick, who has a box.  But to drink nice wine, have lunch, stand on a balcony and cheer your horse on, is just a fabulous thing.  I budget carefully the amount of money I expect to lose.  But due to a big and very exciting win on the last race, I came back home with 75% of my gambling money intact.  I was a little tubbier and a little drunker than when I was when I went in but I had another fabulous day (even if I did look a bit silly in a top hat!).


I may well get involved in something down in Cornwall.  I know I have mentioned this before, but it’s such a stunning part of the World and I do have friends down there who would like to do something with me.  Well to be honest, there are lots of people who want to do something with me, but not all of them pleasant!  There is so much good produce down there, I am going to explore the possibility and I’ll let you know.


On Saturday I spend the entire day making yogurt in Crewe.  Oh, the lifestyle!  It was actually fascinating and all will be revealed when Eat Well for Less appears on your screens.  I don’t know when, so don’t bother asking!


Being in Crewe meant I missed England’s Third Test in New Zealand.  I knew something hadn’t gone well because I kept getting texts from Monica.  England did ok in the second half but truth be told, it was a major setback and England are going to have to have a hard look at themselves in terms of both defence and attacking potential.

Next Week

Most of next week is taken up with filming Eat Well for Less.  And I am not sure yet, but glancing at my diary, I may (and I say may), be in a position where I can go to work and then come home again for 3, possibility 4 days on the bounce!  Now I know that is probably standard for most of you, but when you live on the Kent coast and work all over the country, working and coming home afterwards is a rare thing.  It’s a lovely thing, kids, dogs, girlfriend, home cooked dinner, bottle of wine, what an old romantic.  Put my slippers by the fire dear!