I’ve had a lovely holiday in Antigua.  I always holiday with Kuoni, not the cheapest but nothing ever goes wrong.  You can trust what the brochure says, and in my experience, they only choose nice places.

Antigua is lovely.  Not in any way sophisticated and service is incredibly slow, scheduling means ordering something and keeping your fingers crossed, but that to me is the point, the people are ridiculously friendly and the beaches, all 365 of them, are incredibly beautiful.  This time I hired a jeep and explored the Island every morning.  You get just as tanned but you see things (and you get a breeze).  The food or the best of it is local.  If you ask them to do anything more elaborate, it will go wrong.  But the fresh fish is lovely.  The fruit, vegetables and use of chilli is lively.

I got back and instantly drove up Country to look at cows.  I can’t give you exact details of what I am filming but happy to say, I am looking at huge production of certain food stuffs.  The production of milk at the biggest diary in the World just amazed me.  Remember those sci-fi movies, when the World was run by robots, it’s happening, it’s on its way!

I am so busy, this may well be the first time in ages that I haven’t managed to get to one single 6 Nations match.  I am watching it on the telly, well sometimes I’m not even managing that, but it’s great to see England going so well.  Jonathan Joseph what a revelation.  Ireland up next, promises to be a real cracker.

I am not a fan of Valentines, I’m not anti-romance, I am just anti overpriced flowers and decrafted menus for 2.  So, my Valentines consisted of the 2 of us making clam soup and fresh pasta with a tomato sauce.  Oh, and a bottle of wine and then we watched Frozen.  And of course some overpriced flowers!

Next week sees me in the Midlands and Yorkshire looking at big time production of bread and chocolate.  If we could just chuck beer in there as well ….

Can’t sign off without thanking everybody that’s tuned in to Eat Well for Less over the last 3 weeks.  I loved making it, I had a feeling it was going to be a hit, but I had no idea how big a hit.  It seems to have struck a chord, I am really really happy about it.  No confirmation yet but I have a sneaky suspicion there could well be more.

Gregg Wallace