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I would like to thank everybody for their feedback on the BBC Show, Summer Supermarket Secrets.  It was a fascinating thing to film and obviously many people found it as intriguing as I did.  95% of our food now comes off supermarket shelves.  The whole nation shops with them but very few of us give any thought to how all that food gets there.  Well, now you have a better idea and there are 3 more hour long programmes to come representing autumn, winter and spring.

Earlier this week I was up at the NEC promoting the Gregg Wallace Fire Pit and Grill.  Google it, have a look, I am very proud of it, it’s a lovely bit of kit.  You can fill the bowl up with ice and chill your drinks in it, you can light a fire in it (that’s cosy) and as the flames subside, you can put a grill on it and cook your dinner.  Anyway, have a look, tell me what you think.

I may well have a new venture coming up, lobster rolls.  I am teasing a little bit here, I don’t want to give anymore away until the deal has been finalised, but I had a tasting of the dishes this week and they are super yummy.  Also, the hot dog project continues to gather pace, again, I will give you more information closer to the launch which should be sometime in September.  But I am pretty sure I have got possibly the World’s first, healthy hot dog.
It’s been a pretty decent week one way or another, I had a good meeting with the BBC about future projects and I am looking forward to working with ideas.  There are many subjects that I am passionate about that I would like to get my teeth into.

You are not going to hear from me for a while; I am off on my summer holidays.  A 4 week tour that takes me from Vegas to Scottsdale and then onto Spain.  I will update you as soon as I return with a much shinier and browner head.