Isle of Man

There’s been a fair amount of travelling about. I visited the Isle of Man this week for the first time ever, really enjoyed it. I had no idea how beautiful the place was. Stunning coastline and an equally beautiful interior.

Straight off the plane and into a street food festival in High Wycombe. I did a bit of Italian with mozzarella pastry balls and stuffed olives. Went down rather well.

Next week sees me heading North, I am looking at the food scene in County Durham and then jaunting Hadrian’s Wall to spend a day celebrating the beautiful lamb of Scotland.

Later in the week I start the first of a series of dinners with Gregg. On Thursday 6th I’m at Stoke by Nayland, Colchester in Essex and on Friday night, I head to The Tree Restaurant in Surrey.

Saturday sees me practising recipes for a festival in Dundee, Sunday is family day, shopping with my son and then a big family dinner Sunday evening to say farewell to my daughter Libby, who is off to University in September.

Gregg Wallace