The Inevitable

I am afraid it was inevitable, but my whole life is now about dancing.  Saturday sees my first tentative steps on the dance floor.  I am attempting a cha cha, it was going to be a cha cha cha but I don’t feel good enough, so it’s now a cha cha!  I have put so much hard work into this.  I have to say, it is an incredible fitness regime.  I have lost another 2 lbs this week.

My respite from dancing was of course food.  I had a lovely morning in the Bermondsey Square Hotel cooking with Monica.  There are a couple of dishes that she makes on the upcoming Professional MasterChef that I really loved and wanted to learn how to make.  She is such a great chef and the recipes were absolutely delightful.  I can’t tell you what they were; it will spoil the surprise on MasterChef.

I also had a lovely lunch at Scotts, wonderful fish restaurant, really classy. Half a dozen great big fat oysters and then a sublime John Dory, perhaps my favourite fish ever.  All very healthy, apart from the butter I poured all over it.

Nobody gets eliminated from Strictly this week, so I will still be on it next week.  How much longer after that I have no idea.  I know what my next dance is, I can’t tell you what I’m afraid and it’s terrifying.  I am likely to have elbows and feet everywhere.  Most certainly I wouldn’t want to be me seated in the front row.  Bring a crash helmet!  Rest assured, however bad I am, it will not be through lack of effort and practice.

Next week sees me lunching at the fabulous Bistrot Bruno, love that place, really rate Bruno as a Chef.  Fingers crossed he still has his boudin blanc on the menu.  So light, so delicious.

Looks like I may be with a couple of new Strictly pals on Chatty Man, love Alan Carr, such a funny man, so naughty and it’s not an act.  He is exactly the same backstage or in makeup.

On Sunday, whether my dance career is ongoing or abruptly ended, I will be with my brother Biffo at Media 10’s Star Trek Convention, give it more thrust Scotty.