A healthier life makes a happy doctor

I got taken to a Restaurant I haven’t been to before, Rextail in Abermarle Street, off of Piccadilly.  I enjoyed it rather a lot.  I always enjoy lunch more when I’m not picking up the bill.  The menu has an Italian leaning but it does very good steaks.  I will be going back.

Really pleased everybody seems to be enjoying Professional MasterChef.  We are getting very good viewing figures and everybody seems to have taken to Marcus after some early concerns, which is great, he’s a good guy and I told you he smiles sometimes.

I have been leading a healthier life, apart from the odd boozing session(!) and I’m really happy that my cholesterol is at the lowest it’s ever been.  I eat better than I have ever done, I eat less and I get a lot more exercise.  My doctor is so pleased with me, I have now got cholesterol of 5, at one point, it was almost 18.

I have been having discussions with people over the possibility of getting involved in a pub near York.  I am not sure if I’m going to do it but I am very much looking forward to spending a few days up there exploring – that means lots of nice walks, a few places of interest and big lunches.  See you there.

Had a cracking day out at Twickenham, always enjoy myself there, really good to see the England boys beat the Aussies.  I was asked beforehand how I saw the match in terms of food, I happily told the audience today was not a day for BBQs and Bermuda shorts, it was obviously a day made for good old English beef.  Well done England.

Next week I will be celebrating my daughter’s 18th birthday.  We’ll be having a jolly good supper at The Savoy.  That’s kind of my idea as I’m not very good at hip hops or raves.

Gregg Wallace