From the House of Commons to Ideal Homes

Wow, what a busy week.  Had a cracking dinner at Le Gavroche, I have a real soft spot for the artichoke starter with truffle sauce.  I could roll around naked in it!  Speaking of which, MasterChef has been attracting really big viewing figures, I am so happy that so many people are enjoying it.  It was great fun to make.

I’ve got a mate, his mate is Jamie and he’s got a suite at The O2 which pretty much means I’ve got a suite at The O2 now.  I went to my first gig this week to see Spandau Ballet, great fun, especially now I know Tony Hadley from his time on Celebrity MasterChef.

I actually managed to have lunch this week in The House of Commons, how about that?  My mum is so impressed.  I have a prawn cocktail and then roast lamb with mint sauce, and couple of glasses of red wine, and half a pint of bitter.  I have given my name and support to a cookery school being built in Sittingbourne, Kent and the local MP wanted to meet me and buy me lunch, which was very nice of him and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Not long now until I’m running the country!

I, alongside my fellow Ambassadors, opened The Ideal Home Show.  I love that show, I of course look after the food area which in my opinion is by far the best bit.  It’s moved back to Olympia, its original home over 100 years ago.  I expect to see you and maybe share a glass in the Gregg Wallace Restaurant.

There’s a ton of Rugby on today and I’m backing England to beat France and win the title by a very narrow margin.  In saying that, best of luck to the Celts, Ireland and Wales who last week probably played the best game of the tournament.

On Sunday, I am going to see The Who at The O2.  Promises to be a riotous affair as I am joined by a bunch of pals who I’ve known since we rode scooters and wore parkas back in the late 80’s and my brother Biffo is coming as well.

Next week I will be spending a fair amount of time at The Ideal Home Show, its huge this year, there is so much to see and so many demos going on.  I will also be attending the opening night of The Great Gatsby at Sadler’s Wells.  Arm in arm with my beautiful finance, how posh is that?  I am also looking forward to attending a dinner at Harts in Nottingham held for business people by my pals at Champions.

Gregg Wallace