From Spurs to Golf

Woah!  It’s been a busy week.  I seem to have been running around doing all sorts of stuff, although I have to admit to myself, a lot of it has been great fun.

Monday was an absolutely hoot, the working day eased with the occasional glass of quality wine.  I started off at Spurs, meeting box holders and discussing the menu for the coming season.  I’m not a Spurs fan but I’ve had an association with the club now for a couple of years and I really like the people there.  That evening, I hosted a charity dinner at Le Gavroche with my mate, a cracking fly half, Andy Goode.  I love the Le Gavroche as you know and Andy is such good company.

Tuesday saw me lunching at The Colony Grill.  I like it there a great deal, it’s got class and style and nice food that you want to eat.  Very good as well to see my old mate, Mick McGee from McGee Demolition.

Next day I was at a golfing do, even though I’ve never swung a golf club in my entire life!  It was the British Par 3 Championship organised by my friends at Champions.  Good black tie event in the evening.

I hosted 2 evenings with Gregg, one at The Abode Hotel in Canterbury and the other at the lovely Brooklands Hotel in Weybridge, Surrey.  I very much enjoyed both evenings; they appeared to be a resounding success.  I will most certainly be hosting more events there, looking at my diary probably sometime early 2016.

I’ve got an easier week next week, there’s another Gregg event at Eastwell Manor in Kent and I will be at The Lakeview Country Club in Cornwall over the weekend.  In between that, I am treating myself to a lunch at the stunning Waterside Inn with my beautiful fiancée, Anna.

A successful friend of mine told me I should take time out each year to challenge myself to learn something new.  Last year I took swimming lessons, not because I couldn’t swim, but because I wanted to be a stronger swimmer.  This year I want to improve my Italian.  I’ve got a teacher coming around to my house for 4 days next week.

Ciao x