Forest of Dean

Last weekend I was in the beautiful Forest of Dean opening the Forest Showcase Event, such a lovely part of the world and such wonderful people.  And I got to spend a couple of nights at The Speech House.  I’m very very fond of that hotel.

I somehow managed to have two lunches at Le Caprice and very nice they were too.  I’ve been going to Le Caprice for 20 years, same management, same style and the same elegance.

I managed to host a couple of events, two evenings with Gregg Wallace, both in Essex funnily enough and both rather lovely establishments.  Thursday night at The Fox Inn Finchingfield.  What a beautiful village, absolutely stunning and Friday night at The Boathouse in Dedham.  Housed in an old boating house on the river, it was absolutely delightful and I will almost certainly be hosting more events at both locations.  Please keep an eye on my website for further details.

I’ve done a lot of press this week for the upcoming MasterChef Professionals which means it should be hitting your screens on BBC2 very soon.  Marcus and Monica are on top form and I promise you an absolute feast.

I went to see Macbeth at the cinema, I love the portrayal of early Medieval Scotland, visually stunning but I could hardly understand a word they were saying.  Was Shakespeare just trying to be clever?

Tonight I am hosting a dinner at The Alexander Hotel in Sussex.  If you are going, I’ll see you there, if by the time you read this, it’s passed, I hope you enjoyed it.  I am staying there the night so expect to thoroughly enjoy myself.

Next week I am dining at The Ivy, Le Gavroche and The Delaunay, also attending the cinema to see Sicario.  I’ll let you know how I get on.