Filming & Indulging

I am at the moment filming the new series of MasterChef, it’s a shame but I can’t tell you very much, only that the contestants this year are an incredibly talented bunch.  I can’t wait for it to come out.  You are in for a treat.

Many people decide they are going to be fitter and healthier in the New Year, I’ve gone the complete opposite and managed to have 3 heavy duty meals at Le Gavroche, I love it there.  It is now an Institution.  Rarely will you meet a group of people so skilled in making you fat and drunk.  It is undoubtedly my favourite.

Staying with fitness, as you can see from the Telly, I am pretty fit these days.  I hit the gym regularly, normally 6 days a week which is why I can afford the odd indulgence, but my word, this week has been indulgent.

What I have discovered is a love of audio books.  I do a lot of driving and what I do is now listen to all the books I promised myself I should read.  I study various lists of the best books ever written and get them on audio CD.  Then you really don’t mind if you get stuck in traffic.  Got War and Peace on at the moment.  That should see me up to Edinburgh and back a few times.

At the end of this month a new series starts, one of which I am very proud, it’s called “Eat Well for Less” and working with different families around the country we help them save a lot of money on their shopping bills.  It’s incredibly informative and a lot of fun.  We’ll discuss it when I get back from holiday.

I am off to Antigua on Sunday; I’ll put some pictures up on Twitter.

Gregg Wallace