Last week

To be fair, I haven’t had the most exciting of weeks.  It’s been ok and to be honest, at my age I welcome a bit of down time.  I was filming for 2 days last week in Maidstone in Kent, only a 40 minute drive from my home.  I ended up on Saturday afternoon and evening testing out yoghurts on the High Street.  It was chaos but great fun.  Hello to everybody who came out on the street to be filmed or just say hi.

Jersey Boys

I went to see Jersey Boys on Sunday night at the cinema.  I love the stage show, I’ve seen it twice and I thought the film was very good.  But then as I say, I like the live one and I love the music.  It’s not an epic of a film but they have kept very true to the stage production.

Coming up

This week I will be filming in Stratford upon Avon, not an area I know particularly well but I am very much looking forward to learning more about it.

I am also hosting a couple of get-togethers for the executive box holders at Tottenham Hotspur.  The Club are looking to upgrade the dining experience, I’ve got involved and now we are going to chat to the people that ultimately buy it and eat it.  I am really looking forward to it.  I always get to meet some interesting people and I do like my new friends I am making at Spurs, but it still seems a slightly odd place for a Millwall supporter to hang out.

Saturday night sees me in black tie again for the Summer Ball at King’s School, Rochester.

Gregg Wallace