Well the big news was I turned 50!  I had a wonderful birthday.  Do you know what I did?  I had a surprise dinner at home with my family,  big 5 0 balloons everywhere, an amazing cake that had me sitting with 3 of my favourite historical characters, Churchill, Augustus and Henry II.  The detail was incredible.  It included a castle, rugby posts and a Millwall flag.  Well done Anna, my clever, clever girlfriend.  She cooked roast lamb with mint sauce and I had butterscotch angel delight for pudding, a beer, some really good red wine and a 50 year old bottle of port to finish.  What a lovely day.

All in all, I had some rather good dinners last week.  Very much enjoyed sitting at the bar at Scotts demolishing oysters by the bucket load, I love oysters, so healthy and so delicious.  I love Scotts as well, real commitment to quality.  Lovely dinner at my favourite restaurant, Le Gavroche, saw my old mate Michel, had a big hug.  The place is just stunning, such old world charm and sophistication.  Love the team there, love the food.  If you are going to make yourself fatter, there is no better place in the World to do it.  Le Gavroche remains for me the ultimate indulgence.

Attended an incredible dinner as an ambassador for The Hambo Foundation, amazing to watch this charity going from strength to strength.  It has its origins firmly in the rugby community, but is now very much main stream.  So fond of Hambo, so proud to be a part of it.

The highlight of the week for me was watching my very talented daughter, Libby, performing in a school production of 42nd Street.  She’s my little girl and I watch what she does with an overcritical eye, but I have to say, that girl lights up a stage with her presence.  Her voice has such clarity and I am pleased to say at least one member of the Wallace family can dance!

Next week sees me doing a photoshoot as an ambassador for the upcoming Ideal Home Show.  I love my relationship with that show, it gets bigger and bigger every year and I’ve got some great ideas for the Food Hall.  I’ll also be visiting Brighton to see my son, Tom who’s down there studying at Sussex University.  I’ve left the choice of restaurant to him, fingers crossed.

Gregg Wallace