Eat Well for Less Series 2

Well the story of the week has to be the success of Eat Well For Less. I am amazed at the viewing figures, I loved making it and I am really happy so many people are enjoying it. Obviously how we shop for food is a serious subject with bills that yearly run into thousands.

I spent most of the week in beautiful Somerset filming for a new series of Harvest to be out on the BBC very soon. I have to admit, spending your working day out in the fields is a lovely way to earn a living, faded jeans, dusty boots and sunshine.

I want to mention a lunch I had at Polpetto in Soho. It was very, very good, lots of little plates of Italian food, chopped liver crostini, rabbit pasta and blackberry panacotta. I won’t mention all the other things I ate, it will make me look piggy.

We’re having a family day out later today, we’re off to the cinema to see The Legend and munch popcorn and then we have dinner at a local pub, The Dove in Dargate.

On Sunday afternoon, I fly to Scotland to film the last leg of the Harvest series. Bit sad really it’s coming to an end. I like dressing up as a farmer.

Just a quick note to say I am very much looking forward to joining Peter Barfoot at his charity ball in Hampshire in aid of Farm Africa.