Never a dull moment ..

So sorry that I haven’t blogged for ages, I know people say they are busy, but life seems to have got a bit out of control at the moment.  I’m not complaining though, just trying to explain.

There will be a new Masterchef out in the spring, haven’t got exact details yet.  I am also filming with BBC Scotland a very exciting project looking at Supermarket purchasing.  I also have another project looking at Agriculture.

My work with Weight Watchers has proved fruitful, so has my work in the gym.  I am now as fit as a butcher’s dog!  Nowadays, a hot shower for me is just me in a shower.  There is a certain irony here, as the plumbing in my house in Kent is playing up.

There is slight confusion when it comes to my restaurants.  So just to make it clear, there is Wallace & Co in Putney and Gregg’s Bar & Grill in Bermondsey.  Gregg’s is a serious restaurant, although fun, whereas Wallace & Co is a café.  For a special night out, choose Bermondsey.  I am regularly at both of these fine eateries and there are a number of events planned, please check the separate Twitter and Facebook pages for details.

Interesting times on the food front.  With the meat for beef story hitting a lot of front pages.  Obviously things are going to have to change, but I don’t believe it’s as simple as let’s all buy locally.  For a start, what will happen to the cost of meat, which could seriously affect the worst off?  Secondly, what is the economic cost to the countries that are providing our cheap meat at the moment if we stop buying it?  Anyway, don’t want to get into a huge debate, but I am fascinated as I say.

I will try from now on to update regularly.  Bye for now.

Gregg Wallace