Cup of tea and a slice of cake, what’s not to like?

I’m delighted with the response to Eat Well or Less.  I so enjoyed making the programme and the viewing figures are great, thank you very much everybody.

I’ve now finished filming the BBC series, Harvest.  It should be on your screens soon.  It’s such a lovely thing to do, wander around farms in the summer.  This week I spent 3 days in Perthshire, such a lovely part of the world, incredible views across the Scottish countryside.

I managed to share a pot of coffee with my mate John Torode, I didn’t see him over the summer as we weren’t filming.  He seemed to have had some exciting projects and a fair bit of travelling, he looks well.  We should be filming a new series of MasterChef soon.

I also managed to have dinner out with my fiancée, Anna.  I like Le Caprice, I’ve been going there for years, nice food, nice people, lots of giggles and a little bit too much wine.

England’s World Cup is underway, not the most amazing of starts but job done.  I’m still nervous of our scrum, Kieran Brookes seemed to have made a difference when he came on and England looked much more of a threat when they smashed the ball up the middle before going wide, so no reason to be negative, it’s a long campaign.

Tonight I am attending a charity black tie event in Hampshire, hosted by one of the biggest and most successful growers in the country, Peter Barfoot.  I enjoy good company and a glass of wine, I’m not always happy having to get dressed up like James Bond to do it!

On Sunday I am part of the panel in Bake Off; Extra Slice.  I enjoyed it last year, cup of tea and a slice of cake, what’s not to like?

It looks like it might get a bit boozy next week,  I’ve got dinner with my Anna’s parents at Theo Randall in The Intercontinental, the next night I get to see my mate Michel Roux at Le Gavorche and then on Saturday I’m at Twickenham with my son, Tom.  Will I survive it all?