Christmas is coming!

So, Professional MasterChef is coming to a very thrilling conclusion and I would just like to point out what a great job Marcus has done.  Everybody is just finding out what I have known for a long time, that he takes a great deal of pleasure in helping chefs develop.

In mentioning Marcus, I had a splendid dinner at his place at The Berkeley Hotel.  Well I think I did, as I was a little tired at the end of it!  The Restaurant and the Hotel was in full Christmas splendour.  There’s nothing like posh places at Christmas.

I have been back at Strictly, rehearsing for the big group number for Saturday’s Final.  It’s amazing how much you can enjoy something when there’s no more pressure on you.  It’s been a complete giggle and great to see again the whole gang of 2014.

The big news (that I tried to keep quiet but couldn’t, one leak becomes a flood), I am now engaged to my Anna, as you probably know.  Despite certain press articles, the reality is we dated for 12 months then Anna came to live with me and we’ve been happy together in Whitstable for another 12 months.  We haven’t fixed a date yet.  But I am sure you will read it in the papers before I actually know myself!

I will be, I’m happy to say, at the first Wasps game at their new home, the Ricoh Arena.  Can’t wait, Wasps have sold almost 30,000 tickets, certainly proof that the move was the right thing.  No easy thing to up sticks and move home, personally I was delighted.  My Fiancé‘s parents live in Coventry.

Merry Christmas everybody, we’re having ours at home with family.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s brilliantly Christmassy here at the moment, trees, lights, flashing penguins and an electric Rudolph, ho ho ho.