Chatty Man

I haven’t got a great deal to say; for once my life doesn’t seem packed full of stuff.  What is obvious is how much you are all enjoying this series of MasterChef.  Amazing to be getting such big viewing figures in MasterChef’s 11th year.  So happy you are enjoying it.

Because of MasterChef, John and I appeared on Chatty Man.  Alan Carr is so funny and it’s not an act, he is exactly the same off stage as he is on it, charming man.

As a Millwall supporter, I have to say we are just about hanging on to our championship status and things have obviously improved since Neil Harris took over, well done lads.

Next week sees me heavily involved in both charity and rugby, in fact, a combination of the two.  Love it when two things you enjoy come together.  Firstly, I am dining with Hambo of The Hambo Foundation at the wonderful Hand & Flowers overseen by Tom Kerridge.  What a treat.  Later in the week I am attending a posh bash arranged by the mad dog himself, Lewis Moody.  Obviously there’s echoes of Leicester Tigers, but hey, two top blokes who do a lot for charity and I am delighted to be a part of it.