Charity, Rugby and Manchester


On the dining front, I had two notable meals.  One at Gilbert Scott, nestled away in St Pancras Railway Station.  It’s very good and it has a big long list of things I’d like to eat.  What else could you ask for?  Oysters and a lightly smoked trout.

I was pleased, very pleased to visit Bilbao Berria, it’s the brainchild of Ash, the Tasmanian guy who won Professional MasterChef.  He has a Basque girlfriend and loves Basque cuisine.  The Restaurant in Lower Regent Street has a Pintxos Bar upstairs and Restaurant downstairs.  Anyone who’s visited San Sebastian would recognise this immediately.

Charity and Rugby

Seemed to do quite a bit of charity work this week, I have made a short film for prostate cancer, it will be online this summer and it’s encouraging groups of fellas to hold barbecues.  All will be revealed soon.  I also attended the annual Scrum Dine event, hosted by The Wooden Spoon Society.  What a great cause and what a great fun evening.  Rugby players cooking Teppanyaki style for paying guests, seating around the cooks.  Top boys, great effort and great fun.  Serge Betson actually won it, the man lived and played at Biarritz, he’s bound to know a thing or two.

Staying with the rugby theme, I thought the England team depleted of so many of its regular players were incredibly good against New Zealand in the first test, what a tour this promises to be.

Ideal Home Show Manchester

I watched the first test in my Hotel room in Manchester, up there for the first ever Ideal Home Show Manchester.  Wow, what a huge success, great show, I met some great people and just sorry to the people of Manchester that we caused such a traffic snarl up.  Very much looking forward to being up there again, possibly later in the year for a Christmas Show.


I am off to the cinema tonight to get a massive bucket of popcorn and to see Edge of Tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how I got on.

Gregg Wallace