Charity, rugby and food

Last week can be summed up in a few words, charity, rugby and food. Come to think of it, that pretty much dominates most of my life.

I had a fabulous lunch at The Hand & Flowers with my mate Matt Hampson of The Hambo Foundation. He’s such a giggle. When once asked by a waitress how he’d like his steak, he answered, big! His arms and legs might not work but his brain and his sense of humour are fine. I am very proud to be mates with Matt and I am very proud to be an Ambassador for his Foundation.

I was delighted to be able to attend the first ever dinner of The Lewis Moody Foundation, a wonderful cause, funding research into brain tumours in young people. I didn’t realise, but it’s the deadliest form of cancer. I chose the main course and got to auction a dinner with me, which raised a fair amount of money. I had a wonderful time and great to see old friends. Rugby players make for fantastic dinner guests, Danny Care, Chris Robshaw, Josh Lucy, Rory Lawson, Jordan Murphy and many more.

Of course, this week saw the MasterChef Final. What a joy to be part of this year’s competition. What an incredible competition and what an incredible winner. Emma and Tony are wonderful people but Simon, what a talent.

Next week sees me dining at Le Gavroche with my mate Mikey Rowks and at The Colony Grill, just around the corner from Le Gavroche in fact. It would make sense to take a sleeping bag, stay over at Le Gav.

I will also be heading to Somerset to film mushrooms as part of the new Harvest series.