My apologies for not posting a blog for a while, I’ve been busy. I know many people say they are busy, but people fail to understand when I explain my busy, it basically means getting up in the morning at 5, not stopping to eat or use the toilet until 10.30 at night, 7 days a week. Yep, I’ve been busy.

I am very much enjoying filming a new series of Eat Well for Less for BBC1. I am not sure when the series is going to be shown but we are working with some lovely families. Of course, that does mean I have been travelling all over the country. Apart from being away from home, I like learning more about different bits of the country I live in. If I can, I like to go for a walk some mornings instead of using the gym and getting a feel for the places I visit.

One place I really like is Harrogate. It’s such a pretty town and Valley gardens are extraordinarily beautiful. I looked through the window but didn’t have a chance to pop into Betty’s. Although I did pop into a couple of pubs! When I say popped in, in the morning it kinda felt like I’d moved in, still, met some lovely people.

I did have a bit of downtime if I’m honest. I had a trip to Ascot on Friday, where my clever girlfriend picked the winner in 3 of the last 4 races and single-handedly financially saved the day. Before then my financial planning had seemed as successful as RBS.

Tuesday night I had an absolutely splendid dinner at the newly opened refurbed Ivy. What an amazing job they’ve done. To change the look of this London icon, yet keep its feel and tradition is an extraordinary achievement. I loved it, truly loved it and can’t wait to go back.

This week sees me visiting Bristol, Nottingham, Swindon and Sussex with Fleetwood Mac at The o2 slung in somewhere in the middle. I might not be blogging for a while.