A Week of Fine Dining

My mate, William Sitwell, who appears on MasterChef as a restaurant critic has a radio show, Biting Talk on Soho Radio at the back of a coffee shop.  It’s brilliant; I was on it discussing the new series of MasterChef. I am hoping he expands it because it was good fun.  He basically has guests in, plays a bit of music and discusses what’s happening on the London Food scene, right up my alley.

Talking of radio shows, I was on Chris Evans’ breakfast show, I really like Chris, and he’s nice, clever and funny.  And I met Michael Flatley, what a gentleman; he’s got a voice that could churn milk.  He saw me on Strictly and wanted a couple of tips on footwork!

MasterChef is back on this week, so there’s been a fair bit of publicity.  John T and I also appeared on Loose Women which is always a hoot.  I sat next to Janet SP, of course, she was a very successful contestant on Celebrity MasterChef.  We discussed lots of things, including the fact that I like to read Winnie the Pooh to my girlfriend Anna.

I have done a fair amount of fine dining this week, lucky me.  But then I suppose it is the industry I have chosen.  I lunched at Berners Tavern in Soho, the new offering from Jason Atherton, I enjoyed that.  I had a cracking lunch with my mates John and Ronki at Palomar in Soho, a little place on Rupert Street, fabulous food from Israel, really interesting combinations, all served up on little sharing plates.  I had yet another good meal in one of my favourite London restaurants, Bistrot Bruno.  It’s a restaurant for grown-ups and I go there a lot.  Please try his Boudin Blanc, it’s a house speciality and it’s as light as a feather.  Star billing this week has to be the Chiltern Firehouse, what a cracking place, smart staff, cool room, sexy customers and super yummy food.  I mean, I eat out a lot and this place is top notch.  Trendy, fun and slick.

I’ve got friends over tonight so I’m cooking.  They are getting green eggs, stuffed cabbage soup and steak with bone marrow sauce with beer and some wine …!

Next week I am taking a trip to Devon.  Part business, part good God I need to put my feet up for half a day.  When I get back we will celebrate the 21st birthday of my son, Tom – a two day affair that will start at home and finish at Le Gavroche.  Not a bad life is it?