A new Harvest and an Ideal Home

I spent the first couple of days of last week filming for a new series of Harvest.  I do love filming with growers and farmers, but February isn’t always the best month to be standing in a field.  However, I did get to drive, what appeared to me, to be the biggest harvester in the world.  I can’t wait for you to see it.  It was huge and I was very nervous and far be it for me to blow my own trumpet, I was very good at it.  This should be on your screens in the summer.

I had an interesting meeting with a chap about possibly helping him promote Chablis.  Now there’s a thought.  That would be one of those jobs where you really don’t care if you earned money out of it or not.  It could even be one of those jobs that you may well pay people to do.  I will let you know whether I get involved, because it will almost certainly involve a couple of parties.

I had a very lovely lunch at The Colony Grill.  New venture by Jeremy King, oohhh, it’s good.  It’s classy, it looks like it’s been there since the 1920’s.  Lots of polished wood and lots of object d’art deco.  Cooking has my old mate Lee in charge of it, so nothing is going to go wrong there.  Very impressed, can’t wait to get back.

I spent most of Friday doing press for the upcoming Ideal Home Show at Olympia.  I have been the food ambassador for the show since my mates at Media 10 bought it from the Daily Mail.  I am very nervous of the press, I told them all about the interesting things that could be seen and sampled at the show, fully expecting them to write about who I might have snogged or beaten up!

There’s a new series of MasterChef coming, I promise you an absolute treat.  Loved making it and I know you are going to love watching it.  Fierce competition, full of passion, enjoy.

Managed to get home this weekend and do a bit of cooking myself.  The pasta machine delivered by my girlfriend’s Italian parents are proving to be an absolute treasure.  Even my daughter Libby was making tagliatelle.  Clam and pea soup was not successful.  The result was very much a bowl of peas.  The brave attempt tonight is a soup of squid and artichokes.

Next week I will be attending a special black tie event, a Six Nations Dinner in my ambassadorial role for The Hambo Foundation.  See you there.  If you’re missing out on shaking hands and rubbing shoulders with Six Nation stars of past and present, then I suggest you make sure you get your ticket nice and early in time or next year’s event.  Details can be found through The Hambo Foundation.

Its bit of a culinary treat next week for me, with 3 first time visits to some rather fashionable eateries, Berners Tavern, Palomar and The Chiltern Firehouse.  I will of course let you know how I get on.

Gregg Wallace