view from my hotel room balcony 
Long long lunch @myrtlerestaurant  @haughser  absolutely lovely. Very elegant taste of Ireland.
Sid n Wally evening stroll
1920’s night Queen Elizabeth @cunardline
Captain Anna with her officers
my little lamb chop - Queen Elizabeth @cunardline
Queen Elizabeth into the sunrise @cunardline
dinner at sea @cunardline
Anna with her own breakfast tray on board ship GreggWallace.Health
Good Evening from Queen Elizabeth @cunardline
We are slim and well, the pair of us. I weigh just over 12 stone. We don’t diet, in fact we eat big meals every day ! Anna has never been in a gym. 

What we’ve learned is how to eat healthily, not be hungry, not willpower and not portion control ! 

I’ve helped hundreds of people and I can help you too.

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sun up Bermuda
@anna____wallace  says hi from Bermuda
mad sky
brave Wally leads Anna from the rabbit infested woodland.
Wally Dog in the bedroom feeling funky
Daddy n Sid selfies
Sid n me, we like long shadows
Sid n Daddy running to get in before it pours.
Odd Sky
Sid n Nonna
Great lunch with @wearesuperb  @_rickyvalentine_  At the fantastic @bru.tto
You two are supposed to be guarding the house.
The lovely @chefatulkochhar  at the outstanding @kanishkamayfair
me n Sid like singing
we’ve had a great time Gordes 
thank you @lydiasollitt_tc
Anna pleased now she ordered the ‘small’ salad.
Mummy anda Squidlet 
sun coming up behind Gordes
‘Wait Till They Get A Loada Me “ 
“Why So Serious ?”
met 10 years ago. Anna Sterpini became  Anna Wallace 7 years ago today.

Happy Anniversary @anna____wallace 

Love and admiration x
sorbet is crackin but I’m so not sure of this att Dad.
mum I’ll show you where the ice creams are.
sunrise over the pool
out fer lunch on oleeday
sunrises over Provence
Mummy forewent pudding but Sid caused a stir with a dish of his own design. Strawberry Ice Cream & Popcorn ! xx
Sid n Mummy sleepy time in Dijon 
Cricket wiv @greg_james  tbh preferred his dad !
Sid in Bellas bed.
angry clouds over @headcorn_news_kiosk